Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Kitchen Bitcher

It's Tuesday again. We've been without a kitchen sink since last Wednesday, and it's not been a huge hassle. Marty went to his mother's over the weekend and made a bunch of stew and chili (meatless for me, though it's a bad time to have given up meat, especially since I devoured a box of low-fat Wheat Thins in two days by myself. Can you say Wheat Fats?).

I'd hoped to have the floor installed tomorrow afternoon, but the order's not in yet due to a delay in the molding. It's due in Thursday, so I'm offered any day next week for installation. I also have to sign a new change order to account for the extra $75 I'll spend to have them move the refrigerator a few inches into its cubby after the floor is installed behind it. (The other choice is taking the doors off to move it into the dining room, then putting the doors on so we can use the fridge, then taking the doors off to move it back, then putting the doors back on. Isn't it worth $75?)

At the same time I learn that the floor can't go in until next week, I hear from the appliance company, who will be delivering a stove, a dishwasher, and a microwave on Thursday. I also hear from the cabinet company, who will deliver 18 cabinets on Wednesday. That's tomorrow. Where will all these things go? ACK!

I call the floor company and beg them to install on Friday. And for some reason, it's still "a pleasure working with you, Mrs. Miller." Next, I text the wall plasterer and beg him to come on Wednesday. I beg the cabinet hangers to come do the upper cabinets on Thursday. That should cut down on some of the traffic, right? Right?

After a brief unpleasant discussion with my husband, who wants to know where in hell I think we'll be able to put the path from the steps to the kitchen, through mountains of boxes, I dash off a quick note to the kitchen designer to see if the cabinets can wait till next week. I never thought I'd postpone anything.

From the start, it was my ultimate goal not only to get the kitchen of my dreams but to get it in record time. I'm looking to beat six weeks, start to finish. By the end of week two, I'll have a floor and smooth walls (and maybe some paint).

If this works, I'll hire myself out as a kitchen bitcher.

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