Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day Twelve: Floored

I was expecting the flooring guys from 8 to 10 a.m. When they weren't here by 10:05, I called. I was on the phone with the company when they showed up, complaining that someone had spelled my address wrong, and they'd been driving around the city for the past hour.

Things don't get better for those guys when they see the state of the kitchen. The guys who removed the tile didn't remove the lauan plywood underlayment. It was delaminating, which left splinters of wood everywhere. So the phone calls went back and forth, and yes, they had to pull it all up. They ripped it down to the bare wood, which, if it didn't have rotting black felt on it, would've been glorious.

They worked for hours. The first 30 minutes, though, they bitched: "Why didn't they take the floor out?" "I just can't understand why they did this shit, man." "It would've been so easy to take the floor out." Thirty minutes. Over and over and over again.

I wanted to yell at them, though I doubted I'd have been heard over "Livin' on a Prayer." This, not a Trump presidency, is the kind of thing you should be able to "get over" within the first few minutes.

It took them until about 6:00 to finish and get out. And it looks good. There's some weird stuff I wouldn't have done, like matching vinyl shoe molding, which, for some reason, is not around the base of the door trim. I think
when it's all finished, I'll have some things finished right. Till then, I'll have to suck it up. Or get over it.

Toward the end of the day, a friend came over to help us put in a new toilet (not in the kitchen). So much going on in this little house.

Also here: the new ceiling fan.

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