Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day Ten: Plastered

It's been ten days since the first floor tile was popped up, the shot of the starting pistol that began this race to be the fastest, best kitchen renovator in the business.

It's only been a week and not such a difficult one at that. So far, the most serious argument we've had was over the vegetarian chili that Marty brought home on Monday and that took me until Wednesday to eat. (It was good.) But there's time.

The plaster guys arrived on time (!) at 7:00 this morning. I let them in and went to work. When I returned at 11:35 a.m., they were eating McDonald's on overturned buckets. I apologized for not leaving them chairs. Within about an hour, all the plaster work was done, with a bit of sanding left for me to do tomorrow night, before the floor goes in.

The appliances are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, which will be a small headache, as I accepted delivery of a large special gift, which arrived in two large pieces, for my husband, a prince of a guy. More on that when it's installed for his royal hiney on Friday (I don't want to flush out the surprise!).

This evening, I got word that the cabinets will have to come a day early, as they need to acclimate to our room for two days before being installed. I guess it's natural.

By the 12th day, the floor will be in. By the 14th, the room should be painted. By the 16th day, the cabinets will be here, and by the 19th day, the cabinets will be in. All that's left will be the countertop and hooking up the appliances.

Having a usable kitchen is the finish line, not having a completed backsplash or the track lighting installed. But as I look at this timeline, I realize that we'll be heading into a full month before having a countertop. Sounds like a job for: KITCHEN BITCHER!

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